pvc ceiling board extrusion line, pvc ceiling panel extrusion machine, plastic wall panel making machine

pvc ceiling panel making machine and features of pvc ceiling board


pvc ceiling board extrusion line

pvc ceiling panel extrusion machine

plastic wall panel making machine

Wuxi Kanghao Plastic Machinery CO., LTD is a pvc ceiling panel production line manufacturing machine factor in China, is a leading factory with over 20 years’ experience., it has successfully helped customers from Ukraine, Philippines, South Korea, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Russia, south Africa, Uzbekistan, Nigeria, Kazakhstan built factories and make the pvc ceiling board.

We can provide pvc ceiling production line formula, raw material for plastic ceiling panel production line, find good lamination film for pvc ceiling board making machine.

pvc plastic ceiling panel uses pvc as raw material, it is light weight, easy installation, anti-worm worms, surface pattern varies a lot, pollution resistant, easy to be cleaned, sound insulation

Installation of pvc ceiling is very easy, First, the elevation line should be popped up on the wall, the pressure lines should be fixed at both ends of the wall, and the concrete nail should be firmly fixed with the wall. Plates are cut according to the actual size of the ceiling. The plates are inserted into the second plate. The last plate should be cut to the actual size. Use a sharp knife when cutting and press the elastic wire with a steel rule. Cut it slightly. Bent can be inserted into the mouth of the upper plate, and the bead seals on both sides after loading.

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