Testing for pvc wall panel and ceiling production line with online lamination hefore shipment

pvc wall panel and ceiling production line, pvc wall panel extrusion line

Our Pakistan pvc wall panel production line customer named Awais, today came to my factory and checked the Plastic pvc wall board extrusion line.

He checked every machine carefully, including the automatic feeding machine, the mixer machine, the pulverizer, crusher, we run the pvc wall paneling extrusion machine in my factory, and taught him brief operation skills of operation of this machine.

He learnt very patiently and wrote lots notes on the pvc wall panel extruder with Pakistan language, and when he sees somethings he didn't understand, he asked my engineer for details, and in the processing of asking, he made many videos on his mobile, to remember the operation.

He asked the common rotation speed of screw and barrel, the exact rotation speed of raw material feeding machine, the temperation setting for the screw and barrel, how to operate the products in the calibrator, how to control the haul off machine speed with the extrusion speed.

We tested the 4 wave pvc wall panel mould for him, and also made the online lamination.

After testing the pvc wall panel making machine fr 3 hours, he said he is very satisfied, and he is confident that this machine can help him make more qualified pvc wall baords and get the market.

Finally we took picture together for memory.


Wuxi Kanghao Plastic Machinery CO., LTD has 20 years in manufacturing the pvc wall panel extrusion line, wpc pvc wall panel production line, pvc ceiling production line, pvc marble sheet and profile production line, etc. Hope to cooperate with more foreigners.

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